The Structure of Amber's Forces

Amber maintains an Army and a Navy. Both are traditionally placed under the command of Prince Benedict when he is in residence within the city. However, while the Army is always beholden to their General, the Navy also has its own commanders. Recently, Benedict took control of both armed forces. However, his player is still Army propco, rather than overall propco.


The Army is made up of several regular units of various size, bolstered in wartime by levies from the Noble Houses. In addition, irregular regiments and Orders of Knighthood abound. There are also equivalent ranks for Allies of Amber who are not in the army.


The Navy is traditionally made up of two fleets, North and South, under the Princes Gerard and Caine. In addition to its duties in Amber's waters, the Northern Fleet maintains the shadowpaths of Kitezh, Sukho, Begma, Jade and Tanus. The Southern Fleet, in addition to its duties in Amber's waters, maintains the shadowpaths of Minos, Lyonesse, Cibola, Alhambra and Pathi. Prior to the ascension of Corwin to the Throne, Prince Caine commanded the Southern, while Prince Gerard had the Northern. The noble houses also do field flotillas of their own but, unlike the army, the vast majority of Amber's Navy belongs to the Crown.

The Navy also has the Royal Marines, a small force devoted to armed protection of naval vessels, as well as some land-based operations. Details on them can be found here: Amber Royal Marines. The Royal Marines make up a significant percentage of the Naval Special Forces (aka the Frogmen). The Frogmen answer to Brigadier Emma Feldane, Admiral Hassan, and Prince Marshal Benedict, in ascending order.

There is a sizable Merchant Navy also in operation, providing non-military characters who own ships with the great chance to become involved in Naval play without the obligations that come with enlistment and oaths. Details on them can be found here: Merchant Navy.

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