Player Freedom

Military Ethos

Amber Military is a role-playing prop. We aim to provide a background against which your characters can be awesome. PCs are meant for adventure and hijinks, not for sitting at home, lamenting the lack.


If you want to be in on a military-based plot arc, in general your CO should be willing to grant it ICly. Pratchett, the nominal head of the army, ICly hand-waves most applications for leave or transfer to a unit on its way to the front lines, so as to give people reasons to get to the fighting. Your reason in the end will probably be 'I am here on leave' or 'I am ordered here'. Either way, try to talk with anyone who would give those orders beforehand. If you cannot, Pratchett (Benedict's NPC) is usually willing and available to rubber-stamp, for RP's sake, but Benedict should be kept informed.

OOCly, please be sure to keep your superiors informed, as they would be ICly. Lists and reports go in all directions, and other PCs should not have to say in a scene 'I didn't know that'. Use some sense about secret missions vs public battles, but remember that superiors are there to help RP, not to say, "You're not allowed to attend."

It is the player's responsibility to be mature. It is better to pay attention to a few plots, rather than skittering between many.

TP: Player-Driven Plots

Feel free to organise your own outings, entertainments, skirmishes, and even battles. This MUSH is designed for players to lead the plot, and indeed make the plot. Again, inform those who would know. It can be very embarrassing for Gerard to have to say, "I don't have that report with me," when talking about his Fleet.

Things to Avoid

There are very few things not to do that are not covered by general MUSH etiquette. If we find any, we will let you know!

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