Moving Targets

The Moving Targets are Benedict's rag-tag army in shadow, thrown together as a force against the Black Road. The command structure is slightly organic, making the army a meritocracy insofar as it can be.

'Volunteers' are only taken if they have good reasons to be in Amber on an IC basis - being stuck in shadow for months with nothing else to do is not a good plot hook. If you are looking for mercenary work, there are Amber-based ways of finding it.

Scouts Engineers Logistics Navy
Others Kincaid QM-Sgt Jones (NPC) Cyrus & Discordia
Leto Others Heulwen Others

As well as dealing with training the 30,000 troops currently at his command, Beatrice is Benedict's right-hand woman, almost literally. She is his second in command, as well as self-proclaimed occupier of the spot he cannot easily defend with one hand.

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