MHQ Offices

Who gets an Office?

Anyone who wants an office and has a smidgeon of a reason to be in MHQ is welcome to one. MHQ is a Role-Play nexus for military characters, and anyone who wants to scene with them. Hooks, in the shape of having a reason to be there, are welcome.

Where is it likely to be?

In general, individual Regiments have their own HQ, and so will maintain an office in the MHQ for ease. Large Regiments will therefore tend to have their MHQ offices on the dingy Ground Floor. (See here for layout.)

If there are many PCs with one Regiment, they will be sharing one door from any main areas, but may have offices inside.

Those who have reason to be elsewhere, like the QMs, Command Staff, or a few select NCOs, will have them elsewhere. For simplicity, only the current CO should have rooms directly off the Lobby.

If I don't merit an office?

Set your home as the Ground Floor of MHQ, by going there (@tel #1295 or 'd' from the Lobby) and typing '@link me=here'. Feel free to pose shared office space.

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