MHQ Layout

Military Headquarters


+zoom names have been used throughout the MHQ. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!


A cobbled area outside separates the building from the road. There are stables and a guardhouse outside. Wooden stairs lead up, into a fortified building.

Around the Lobby

The entrance floor of MHQ is in fact above ground level. It is the command centre, with the map room1, briefing rooms, smaller nondescript areas, the QM's Office the CO's Office, and the CO's Suite.

The Ground Floor

This is below the command centre, actually at ground level. There are no outside doors2, and very few windows, but the space is huge. Offices are claimed by bricking in an area. The QM's stores are down here, along with the MHQ Offices of the Order of Clarity, the Defenders of Kolvir, and the Oisen Offices. There is also room to drill, to spar, and even to parade. There is not enough light to inspect a parade properly, unless lamps are brought in. This is the area that should be used for a gymnasium3.

The Second Floor

In fact, the level above the Lobby. Centered around the Murder Gallery, this floor contains the Kitchens, the large Officer's Mess and a small well-appointed Snug. The old Mess here was converted many years ago into the Umberto Library.

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