Lost Boys


The Lost Boys (and other units like them) exist to give PCs the chance to go out attached to small specialist groups. They will pick up waifs, strays, and officers who look lost, and carry them to adventure (or possibly a round trip through Amber in a carpet, followed by getting them drunk and painting them green).


The Lost Boys are a classic platoon structure, of three sections, each of eight men. They are the third platoon of a company that exists only on books.

  • Captain Rupert
    • No Lieutenant - commanded by captain
      • First Section:
      • Psycho - short, thin, excessively prone to violence. Carries more hardware than your local B&Q.
      • Botham - beefy fellow with a moustache - muscle man
      • Mason - has memorised a codebook - muscle man
      • Someone smelly - knives and crossbows
      • Roly-Poly RIP
      • Mugg RIP
      • Borovitch - garotte
      • Big Dave Charlie - Knife man, muscly
    • Lieutenant FitzNale (Engineer)
      • Second Section:
      • Handsome Jack
    • Lieutenant
      • Third Section:
  • Captain Mara (supernumerary) - PC
  • Jaymesin (unofficial mascot) - PC

Recent deaths leave room for a woodsman and a short secretly rather kind lance-corporal.

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