Defenders Of Kolvir


C.O.: Brigadier Angus 'Placid' Jasper

The Defenders are a top-heavy brigade that stands at about 2,000 with the intention of expanding (up to 5,000) in times of war, historically blooded against Amber's near enemies, but which is currently without much manpower. Traditionally hand-picked and trained by Benedict to be used for defence of the mountains as well as smaller covert missions into shadow, they have been without him for two hundred years and morale has suffered somewhat. Their Brigadier has held them together with force of personality and a strong sense of continuity, but he is currently on long term leave, dealing with extensive wounds received at the Battle of Kolvir.


Unlike most military units, the Defenders try to preserve their status as an 'elite' unit by only accepting bought commissions up to the rank of lieutenant, thus limiting their sources of regular income. With the war on, the Defenders are attempting to swell their ranks, but there are many competing units looking for the same recruits, and the Defenders will not loosen their exacting standards.

Though the Defenders are an elite unit, with training appropriate for full-scale war and patrolling and defence of the mountain lines, they are very spread out, which can diminish their effectiveness. They specifically employ infantry, scouts, archers and engineers, with most men cross-trained and functioning as rangers for the mountains in peacetime.


They guard four forts, the main one at the base of Kolvir, appropriately titled Fort Kolvir, and Forts Courage, Hardy, and Cymnea. Fort Hardy is affectionately known as 'hard-fought'. There are also many independent small outposts, which are good for readying the officers for independent command, but this requires much shifting-around of personnel to prevent these units from turning into mini-fiefs. In recent years, steps were taken to improve scout positions as well as massing a bit more strength around Kolvir, after the disgrace of having let Corwin and Bleys' line through, when many of the Defenders' best men died towards the bottom of the steps of Kolvir.


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