Current War

This is a placeholder page for any large-scale wars that are going on.

The current big war is the civil war in Amber; Benedict has brought the Defenders of Kolvir into the city. There are three main forces.

The Defenders of Kolvir hold the North Gate of the city, and have a force at the South Gate of the Palace. They have enough force to keep a corridor open for supplies, but not to hold the area solidly. The troops are suffering from poor morale after supplies have started to falter. Contact: Benedict

The Town Watch are harrying the troops, and hold the North Gate of the Palace, and the East Gate of the City (and many other routes). Contact: Tessa

There are criminal forces also harrying the troops, generally known as militia, and easily seen as natives of the city. Contact: Jaymesin

Any or all of these can be used as background or attacked. Please feel free to ask anyone involved, or to use elements of the situation in your own RP.

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