Buying In

Commissions between the rank of Ensign and Lieutenant Colonel are available to buy, provided the applicant passes for both officer and gentleman, with a Commissions board. In some regiments, no further buying or exchanging may take place after this, to avoid the worst excesses of the problems that could arise. However, the sale of commissions is one of the ways that the Regiments fund themselves. Rules govern the amount of action and the time that any officer must have, to buy a commission. (This is left deliberately loose, for RP reasons.)

The Boards

Apart from the General Commissioning Board, which can make an Ensign or a 2nd Lieutenant, there are also Regimental Boards. The Regimental Boards are free to make or refuse whomever they wish, meaning they may not always kowtow to their commanders.

Both Officer and Gentleman

In general, the Officer Corps in Amber is made up of nobility and gentlemen. It is possible to be promoted by merit, however, even from the ranks.

Foreign Nationals

Foreigners who wish to join Amber's Army are welcome to, if they provide an oath to serve. This is generally loose enough to allow them to leave if their own shadow should rise against Amber, say. However, foreigners who wish to become officers are another kettle of fish. An officer upholds the authority of the Crown, and therefore will be required, save under exceptional circumstances, to swear an oath of fealty to the King (or Regent).

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