Casting Calls


There is general information on the Army page.


Gerard posts:

There are many other opportunities in the Admiralty. In general, I would suggest that people go for officer type roles rather than less significant or influential sailors as, well, being a guy stuck on a ship for months at a time makes for some very boring play.

  • Chief Purser (one each for the Northern and Southern fleets) - The man in charge of pay. Obviously, an important position, and one that allows for greed, corruption, and/or frustration with Gerard's mismanagement of Admiralty funds! Also allows for some interesting play with nobles and Amber's own treasury, etc.
  • Master Shipwright - In charge of ordering/building/repairing ships and all the crews involved. He's the guy who'll be the primary link with groups like House Chantris and the GC nation of Minos to keep the fleet up to strength and in good shape. Again, lots of opportunities for noble/GC play and incentive to rail at Gerard's abysmal money management skills!
  • Various and sundry Captains and Commodores and Commanders. Run a ship, or a squadron of ships, or a small privateer vessel! Self-explanatory, really.
  • Brigadier-General of the Marines - preferrably someone who's been around for a bit and was Knighted by Gerard. The marines are Gerard's favored unit in that he has a tendency to enjoy jumping off of ships and busting heads. Must be able to deal with Alys! (heh!)

And, of course, there are other positions. In general, I would suggest avoiding concepts that involve sailing around looking for pirates all the time as those are very enjoyable encounters the first couple of times and then very repetitive. Feel free to contact Gerard and ask questions about the navy, and whatnot.

Noble Houses



These need special care and attention. There are already mercenary troops in Amber, and you should talk to those who run them before plunging in. However, they have the benefits of flexibility and plot hooks supplied by their contracts, and could be very good fun for the right person. Contact Celeste for mercenary troops based in Amber. Benedict also keeps private troops moving around the Golden Circle, but as play is available to anyone who wishes to join them for any fights, there is no onus to be part of his company.

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