Blue Hussars

The 4th Regiment of Light Cavalry


C.O. Lt. Colonel Antonio de Visforza, Comte San Angelo
Honorary Colonel: Lt. Colonel David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy (ret)
X.O.: Captain Wade Hampton (the Third)

The 4th Regiment of Light Cavalry, also known as The Blue Hussars, numbers at approximately 542 men out of the 1,050 that would make the rolls of the regiment complete. Their primary purpose is for screening and skirmishing with the enemy. Detachments at the troop level have been used as scouts for large scale invasions, however.


The Unit’s motto is “Fearless, Swift, Deadly” The Blue Hussars have a reputation for engaging the enemy that borders on the foolhardy. This results in the Regiment being under-manned, sometimes severely, during times of war. Officers are drawn from the aristocracy and minor nobility who buy their commissions. All recruits are expected to have good horsemanship, a sharp sabre, and the ability to use it well. Gallantry, bravery, and loyalty are expected of every trooper in the Regiment.

Their Reputation

Not only foolhardy, but also over-bred, according to some others. The Blue-Bloods, as some call themselves, have a rather less polite nickname among many other units.


Antonio and Benedict are copropcos.

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