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Amber Military - Road to Amber MUSH

These pages are primarily for the use of those in the army on the roadtoamber.com MUSH. However, information contained here is public, and it is intended to be more a loose reference than a canonical guide. As has been noted, drama trumps realism.

The Military Section of the Road to Amber wiki has a good overview. This resource will not attempt to duplicate that, but rather to add details that are not available there.

More, as even the best Wiki is only as good as those who update it, this site will be used for general information, to provide an overview. Any IC questions should be directed to the =war channel onMUSH, or to Benedict. Naval Questions go to Gerard, please.

Plots and Players

Our players are our most important resource. Please read our thoughts on what you can do (a lot) and what you can't (the usual, sensible list). For advice on running plots, see GMing Fights. For the inevitable battle scene, we have a suggestion: GMing Battles

Army, Navy, no Air Force

While this wiki covers both Army and Navy, they have separate rank systems and separate buildings, MHQ Amber and the Admiralty Building, respectively. The wiki also covers other organisations which may or may not take orders from the same sources, such as the City Watch and the Arden Rangers.

Finding MHQ

Military Headquarters is on the junction of the Main Concourse and Embassy Way, just South of the Palace. '+zoom military' will get you just outside, and then you can go NW. '@tel #1295' will get you to the Lobby.


More information is available via the sublinks at the top of the page. If you cannot find something, please ask Benedict, or the =War channel.

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